The watch is a sharp weapon to enhance temperament, revealing a thin white and tender wrist and a stylish or distinctive watch. Watches are also worth investing in; silver bracelet-style watches show a gentle temperament, while black and brown leather straps with larger dials can contrast with a slender wrist.


In the field of fashion, the function of the scarf has long been not cold protection, but concave shape. A cotton white shirt and bright silk scarf can well explain the unity of purity and complexity. In spring and autumn, we should all have a well-crafted silk scarf. It is better to match the clothes with the color that can be loaded and unloaded. In autumn and winter, a solid wool scarf is better. Whether you have a black or gray scarf, it's not too much.


A summer outing, a straw hat with a primary color takes pictures and has a shape. Watching movies on the weekends of autumn and winter, a small top hat, covering most of the face, half bright and dark on the face, half glamorous, like your fickle personality

Long Necklace

Tied with a big V-neck or a round neck as the best gospel for busty guys. Adding the two will maximize the effect of thinning. Especially in the case of a coat, the vertical lines of the two coats can increase the visual effect of thinning well.